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Doreen's Diary

1st Session - 22nd June

Doreen Rees - Osteopathy PacientVery strange. I felt like a trussed up chicken and I was a bit apprehensive, I couldn't see how your spine could be stretched without pain. I needn't have worried Sally was great and explained everything.

I relaxed completely and didn't feel any discomfort at the end of the session I felt great, much taller, no pain and I could feel my toes for the first time for three years! I went home, prepared my tea and washed up without having to sit down. Fantastic!

2nd Session - 24th June

Same preparation. I felt very relaxed this time. I had such a feeling of freedom not having to walk hunched up. I still need a stick but not for the back pain any more just the knee, although an X-Ray showed no real problem only wear and tear it still is painful. Hopefully with further treatment on my back it will ease the knee problem. The problem only started because my back was so painful I had to walk limping and put the extra strain on the right leg.

3rd Session - 27th June

I now look forward to each session as I feel so much better when I leave. My family and friends at the swimming pool have all commented on how much straighter I look and this evening I was able to walk quite a distance without pain and therefore less effort.

4th Session - 28th June

My back aches (not pain) today I think I overdid the walking last night, I haven't been able to walk much for so long that my legs are quite weak.

I feel much better after this session all the aches are gone. Lots of people are now asking me how the treatment is going, they are interested because they can see such an improvement in the way I walk. I'm also happier now I am pain free.

5th Session - 29th June

Each morning it's a joy now to be able to get out of bed and walk upright to the bathroom. For the past three years the early mornings have been agony trying to straighten up and get moving. I find too that I don't feel so tired all the time and I am able to do much more as I have more energy.

Today's session went well and seemed to pass very quickly as I fell asleep. Afterwards I felt really fit. I can't believe how different I feel after just one week's therapy. I really feel that my whole life style has improved.

6th Session - 1st July

Had the usual session today not much difference. I realise this is going to be a long job, because of the initial improvement which I felt in my back and toes I was expecting great improvements with each session.

I now realise I must be patient!

7th Session - 5th July

Over the weekend I developed a really fierce cold, all my muscle and bones seemed to ache. Perhaps I shouldn't have come but I hoped it would help. I didn't really get the full benefit though because my nose ran and I kept coughing.

Never mind tomorrow will hopefully be better.

8th Session - 6th July

I felt a lot better today still a chesty cough and I have developed a dull ache in my left lower back and hip probably from constant coughing.

The session went well I felt much better after it, but the aches and pains re-appeared in the evening.

9th Session - 7th July

Woke up today feeling really miserable slept really badly, coughing such a lot all night. Again my side and shoulder are really painful and it is quite painful to walk.

I didn't attempt to swim today so feel really fed up.

The therapy session helped it was really relaxing and lots of the pains all over seemed better by evening had returned.

10th Session - 8th July

Again woke up with lots of aches and pains after another broken night. The discomfort isn't in the spine but more in the side and the hips. I tried to swim but found it difficult to get my breath because I have to swim with my head under the water and the cold in my nose makes it hard.

Again the aches and pains much relieved after the session but returned later in the day, its always much worse after sitting down for any length of time. It is very depressing as the first few sessions made me feel so much better, however my knee is lots better!

11th Session - 11th July

Today I woke up feeling much better after a rotten weekend all the aches and pains are lots better. I was able to swim my normal mile without any problems.

My IDD session was at 2.45 and it was good to see Sally back. She assured me that during treatment there will be days when there doesn't seem to be much progress but everything is going fine.

The treatment was very relaxing and Sally massaged the muscle in my side which helped.

I went away feeling much better and much more cheerful.

12th Session - 13th July

I feel so much better and positive today. Yesterday I didn't have a therapy session and needed to go into town. For months I have avoided town because my legs have felt so heavy and weak. I found it difficult and tiring to walk any distance. Yesterday however although the soles of my feet still feel quite numb my legs feel much stronger and therefore I feel more confident. I was able to walk right through the town fro the car park to various shops and back again with no problems. I was also able to do my supermarket shopping afterwards.

The improvement each day seems quite slight and I only realise how much better everything is when I look back at how little I was able to do before the treatment started and how much more I am able to do now. A month ago I wouldn't have attempted to walk about in town without one of my family with me in case I felt my legs would 'give way' of my back felt so bad I would have to find somewhere to sit down.

Today's session went very quickly, I must have slept because the half hour seemed to shoot by, no pain at all afterwards and I feel great!!

13th Session - 14th July

I couldn't swim today. Holmer Park closed due to work by the electric company.

I feel quite limp and lazy. I enjoyed the session and fell asleep so the time went very quickly. I felt much more alive when I left, no pain anywhere just a bit stiff.

14th Session - 19th July

I had a disaster today. I went to do my usual swim, my right shoulder and rib area was a bit painful, probably from the cough which has now gone. Unfortunately after only a few lengths I felt a searing pain under my stomach blade and had to stop. I thought I had cracked a rib, it was very painful and I went for the treatment wondering if I would able to have the treatment. However Viv felt that I had just pulled a muscle and the treatment went fine. I have no pain in my lower back but a very painful shoulder and rib. I seem to lose one pain and get another!

15th Session - 21st July

Still can't swim but the pain is a little better in my shoulder.

Treatment went well, no pain before or after the treatment and although I can still feel my toes my lower legs and the soles of my feet are still numb. It makes me rather unsteady on my feet, some days my legs feel weaker than others.

16th Session - 22nd July

No swimming again but rib pain feels much better, will rest until Monday.

Good treatment, it went very quickly, my back now feels much stronger and I'm standing much more upright.

When I started the treatment I thought 20 sessions seemed rather a lot but I now realise that it takes a long time to get any long term benefit.

17th Session - 26th July

Still having lots of problems with my shoulder but managed to swim very slowly only doing breast stroke, other than that my back was pain-free this weekend and for the first time today I did yoga. Suzanne (my yoga teacher) remarked on how much better my posture is. I'm much straighter and my shoulders are level, before one was much lower than the other because I couldn't stand up straight. IDD treatment very good, Sally back and still pain free.

18th Session - 29th July

A really interesting morning. Ten people all of whom have had IDD therapy with Sally came along to have photographs taken for Sally's website. It was great to be able to talk to people who have all benefited from the therapy, several have been pain free for over a year.

My last but one session was good. I too am pain free and it was very interesting to note that several of the people I met this morning said that the good feeling went on getting better as time went on so there is a hope for my legs yet!

19th Session - 1st August

Really good session. I really felt the stretch today and my back feels very good. I can't believe that I only have one more session left. It seems a long time ago that I couldn't stand up straight and I had to stoop over to combat the pain in my lower back. It's not perfect every day, some days I can feel quite stiff, but so much better than I ever believed it could be, especially at my age. I am so pleased that Barbara Preece told me about Sally and the therapy and now I tell anyone who complains of a 'bad back' all about IDD therapy!


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